Monday, March 2, 2009

Superpumas - Muscles (2006)

House albums are notoriously patchy, and this is something not even the kings of house such as Daft Punk are immune to (sorry, but half of Homework is awful). But out of nowhere, Swedish duo Superpumas have released a consistent effort in Muscles.

Much of Muscles is a great blend of the retro aspects of synth pop and disco with the newer styles of funky house and electro into a neat danceable package. Towards the end, they get a little more experiemental with some breaks, organ and guitar, but it's nothing to ruin the flow of the rest of the album.

There are a few standout tracks. The title track Muscles is an alluring remix of Gradmaster Flash's The Message, repackaged into an electro house stormer, while Fading is a smooth deep house track with provocative vocals by Maria Kask

Muscles manages to straddle the line between complete cheese and being too serious very well, and I reccomend this album wholeheartedly, and await their next release.

Here's a link to Fading: